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Size Converter

When converting to AU sizes our chart is based on UNISEX styles in Men's (M) USA sizing. 
Products which are measured in Women's (W) USA sizing expect to be a half size smaller in the AU section below.  
For Example of UNISEX Style: 
Men's US-7 = Men's AU-6/6.5 = Women's AU-8.5/9
Men's US-8 = Men's AU-7/7.5 = Women's AU-9.5/10
Men's US-9 = Men's AU-8/8.5 = Women's AU-10.5/11
For Example of WOMEN'S Style: 
Women's US-9 = Women's AU-8/8.5 = Men's AU-5.5/6
Women's US-10 = Women's AU-9/9.5 = Men's AU-6.5/7
Women's US-11 = Women's AU-10/10.5 = Men's AU-7.5/8
Size Chart Converter
Convert your shoe size with this converter chart from America USA, Australia AU and Europe EU.
If in doubt, contact us with the STYLE/SKU you are interested in and we can check the insole length for you and recommend a size.
S (8-9)
M (10-11)
L (12-13)
XL (14)
EU-35 = US-M3 / US-W5
EU-36 = US-M4 / US-W6
EU-37 = US-M5 / US-W7
EU-38 = US-M6 / US-W8
EU-39 = US-M7 / US-W9
EU-40 = US-M8 / US-W10
EU-41 = US-M9 / US-W11
EU-42 = US-M10 / US-W12
EU-43 = US-M11 / US-W13
EU-44 = US-M12 / US-W14
EU-45 = US-M13 / US-W15
EU-46 = US-M14 / US-W16
EU-47 = US-M15 / US-W17

Against AU sizes they are not exactly 'true to size' but against USA sizes they are. We don't do half-sizing. You usually pick the next size up for USA to what your AU size is e.g. AU-8/8.5 = US-9. 

Women's AU to Women's US - Next size up e.g. W AU-8/8.5 = W US-9 

Women's AU to Men's US - 2 Sizes down e.g. W AU-8/8.5 = M US-6 

Men's AU to Men's US - Next size up e.g. M AU-11/11.5 = M US-12 

Men's AU to Women's US - 3 Sizes up e.g. M AU-11/11.5 = W US-14

AU = Australian Sizing
EU = European Sizing
UK = United Kingdom Sizing
US = United States Sizing
USA = United States Sizing
M = Men's Sizing
W = Women's Sizing